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‘Fully integrated’ means your Point of Sale (POS) system is also running connected systems all in one solution - seamlessly. This means you can have in-house sales, orders and bookings, including online web sales and/or Mobile Apps sales, orders, bookings, take outs and deliveries, all running on one system (screen/terminal).

Why have multiple non-integrated systems at the centre of your business? All the issues and disconnects you’d have to manage with different software and screens! All of these non-integrated issues create more administration, risk of mistakes or overloading the kitchen, causing confusion and upsetting customers resulting in poor reviews! Some suppliers claim they offer this, but in reality they don’t, which leaves you with the headaches and extra work!

Panda EPOS is the only UK solution provider to offer a fully integrated systems combining:

  • Point of Sale software (POS)
  • Branded to your business name and logo
  • Fully integrated hardware options (EPOS), including these optional addons
    • Handheld terminal options
    • Counter top terminal options
    • Waiter pad options
    • Kitchen printer options
    • Kitchen screen options
    • Kiosk options for customer self service
  • Integrated customer online web ordering for deliveries, take out, reservations and more
  • Integrated customer Mobile App ordering for deliveries, take out, reservations and more
  • Payment providers integrated online remote and/or in-store
  • Delivery driver App - integrated
  • Automated and/or manual customer notifications and alerts
  • Full Allergen and Dietary requirements options and settings, built in to protect you and keep your customers happy, safe and respected
  • Social media marketing support options and services
  • Many more key features built in, which when everything is taken into account Panda EPOS is the only UK supplier to offer all of these services starting at just £1 + VAT per day (software) and with no contract or minimum term

The Panda EPOS suite of services and features were all developed from the outset in-house by our own coding team, as an integrated solution not cobbled together later with all of the issues trying to get different systems to work, when they weren’t designed from the ground up

Our suite of options also allows you to start with just one service then add-in later; totally flexible and can grow with your business when you’re ready

Business is complicated enough, so make life easier for yourself by using our fully integrated systems and option.