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Rory Atkins

CEO - Chief Executive Officer

Rory’s held senior roles in business for the past 30 years. After executive positions with Xerox he started his own business in the early 1990’s, building it to a leading IT solutions provider, attracting the interest of Europe’s largest independent supplier who acquired his business in 2010. Rory then went on to run a £40 million division as Managing Director, with 200 staff and 5 offices, before assisting in a complete restructuring of the £220 million business, managing risk and compliance through the transition.

Rory today, with his proven business knowledge and drive, working closely with Safeer, heads the Panda EPOS team in delivering new, innovative and leading EPOS solutions, meeting the needs of Panda EPOS customers.


Safeer Shah

CTO - Chief Technical officer

Safeer is a highly qualified and experienced IT professional and senior high-level progressive manager, having operated large diverse teams and budgets. Safeer has also run and operated businesses that used EPOS systems, where he observed much needed innovations and improvements were required, but difficult to find a supplier who could meet these needs! So, Safeer decided to bring together and build a highly capable team to deliver progressive EPOS solutions, hence Panda EPOS was born!

Safeer’s credentials could not be stronger, to be the founder of such an evolutionary business. Fluent in three languages, with a degree in Computing Science (Master in Computing Science – MCS), Microsoft Certified system Engineer (MCSE), B. Com - Bachelor of Commerce and Cisco Certified network Associate (CCNA), Safeer is well qualified in conjunction with his vast experience to lead the development of superior EPOS solutions.


Awais Ali

Customer & Technical Services Manager

Awais, as a management professional, operating in key areas of business functions, specialising in; customer relationship management, implementing systems to improve performance, analysing of data for growth, then developing business strategies and above all aiming to exceed client expectations, brings a wealth of talent to the Panda EPOS team. Awais achieves this by leveraging his experience along with top league qualifications, which are: MCS (Master in Computer Sciences), MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional), MCSE (Microsoft Certified System Engineer) and MCDBA (Microsoft Certified Database Administrator).

In addition to Awais’s strong knowledge for all aspects of logistics, including imports, exports and fulfilment, his multi level customer service deliverables are key to Panda EPOS success.


Maooz Usman

Developer & on-line Services Manager

Maooz is a high level professional programmer utilising his BS Honours Degree in computer science, specialising in developing systems and management systems via the tools of: HTML, web applications, .net, Microsoft SQL Server, visual studio 2015,, C# to name a few. Maooz heads the development side at panda EPOS.


Saiem Abid

On-line Sales & Customer Support

Saiem is a young dynamic and progressive professional with qualifications in Computer Science, plus many awards for speeches and IQ quiz tests. Pursuing his love of all subjects associated with IT, Saiem is a key member of our Panda EPOS sales and customer support team


Nasir Ali

Team Leader & Laravel Developer


Muhammad Arsalan

Laravel Developer


Adeel Tariq

Android / iOS Developer

Tehreem Aslam

Tehreem Aslam

Marketing Data & Communications

Mahreen Aslam

Mehreen Aslam

SEO SMM Executive

Gabby Miles

Gabby Miles

Integrated Payment Solutions (DoJo/Paymentsense Partner) Consultant

Menu Team

Menus, onboarding and social media team

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