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Moneyback guarantee If you are not satisfied with the Web Ordering App on the 30th day (from order), everything is cancelled and £295 + VAT is refunded in full (terms apply)
Potential savings If you are fully satisfied with the Apps at the end of the free trial period the total savings are £355.4 + VAT which equals the 2 x Apps FOC for 1 month and the second setup fee which is waived
T&C's to money back offer
  1. This offer entitles the customer to a fully branded to your business Web and Mobile Ordering Apps service for up to 30 days FOC, with money back guarantee on the onboarding costs
  2. Complete onboarding information (inc. product images) must be provided to Panda EPOS within max 72 hours from acknowledged order
  3. The reason for this is speed of service expectation from you our customer, where we have an onboarder team member allocated at order payment and waiting to set your new service up.
  4. Payment gateway information must also be supplied within 72 hours to link sales revenues to customer account. This enables you to take orders and payments online
  5. 30 day money back guarantee starts from point of order with Panda EPOS, not when onboarding information supplied
  6. Customer can request full 'money back' refund on 30th day for any reason
  7. There is no charge for the Web Ordering App or Mobile Ordering App in the 1st 30 days from order - therefore FOC to try both Apps for up to 30 days (typically 25 days)
  8. The money back offer is based on Web Ordering App only, as the 'go live' timings are within Panda EPOS's control
  9. If the onboarding information, images and payment gateway etc. isn't supplied within 72 hours the money back guarantee lapses / ends
  10. If the money back offer lapses the customer still gets everything, including both Apps FOC for the 30 day period, then customer must decide to continue or not
  11. Customer will get Web App 1st due to Google and Apple processing delays outside of our control (can take 7-14 days on average)
  12. After Web App, the Mobile App will go live automatically as soon as Google and Apple release your new App onto their stores
  13. Mobile App is included FOC (when available), but doesn’t form part of the money back guarantee
  14. If customer wishes to continue with either App services on day 31 (2nd month), a DD must be setup. No DD = no service. We will raise invoice for payment for 2nd month
  15. From day 31 onwards the cost of each App service is £1 + VAT per day paid monthly in advance (£30.42 + VAT per month per App), invoiced and collected by Direct Debit only
  16. If customer wishes to continue with both Web and Mobile Ordering Apps the cost is £2 + VAT per day, therefore £60.84 + VAT per month. No commissions or transaction fees.
  17. By continuing with both Apps the customer saves 1 x £295.00 + VAT onboarding setup costs, as normally there is a setup charge for both
  18. Customer needs to advise Panda EPOS on or before day 30 which service they wish to continue with, where we will raise an invoice prior to collecting DD - or not
  19. If customer orders the optional handheld terminal and wishes to return it at end of 30 days money back offer (if applicable), our terms are as follows:
    1. Returned (by tracked, insured and signed for postage or courier) in 'as new' condition, within 7 days of cancellation (not later than day 30 + 7) and original packaging
    2. Please ensure the screen protector is left insitu on the handheld device for the initial trail period, so that if sent back the screen protector is covering the screen 'as new'
    3. There will be a covid sanitising, product test and checking including re-stocking fee of £60 + VAT per terminal
    4. Subject to the above terms a refund will be given