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Panda EPOS Limited (a U.K. business registered and based in the United Kingdom of Great Britain - “we” or “us” or “our”) under registration number 10416678. We may use cookies, tracking pixels, web beacons and other tracking technologies when you visit our website , including any other browser or media form, media channel, mobile/tablet website, or any application related or connected (collectively, the Panda EPOS “Site”) to help customise our Site and improve your user/visitor/customer experience.

Panda EPOS reserves the right to make Cookie Policy changes at any time and for any reason. We will not alert you about any changes but will do so by updating the “Last Updated” date of this Cookie Policy. Any changes or modifications made by Panda EPOS will be effective immediately when posting the updated Cookie Policy on our Site, and you waive the right to receive notice of any such changes or modifications.

It is recommended that you periodically review this Cookie Policy to be appraised of changes, modifications and/or updates. Therefore, visitors will be considered to have been 1. made aware of 2. will be subject to and 3. will be considered to have agreed deemed acceptance to any revised Panda EPOS Cookie Policy by your continued use of our Panda EPOS site after the date such revised Cookie Policy is posted.

This Cookie Policy was produced by Panda EPOS Limited a UK company.


A “cookie” is an information string which assigns a unique identifier that we store on your computer. The browser then provides that unique identifier code (signature) to use each time you re-visit and/or submit a query to our site. Panda EPOS use cookies on our web site to, among other things, keep track of services you have used during your visit/s, record registration information, record your preferences, keep you logged into our site, facilitate purchase procedures such as save items in your basket, and track the pages you visit. Cookies help us understand how our Panda EPOS site is being used and improve your user experience.


The following types of cookies may be used when you visit our site:

Security Cookies

Security cookies help prevent and identify security risks. Panda EPOS use these cookies to authenticate users and protect user data from unauthorised unwelcome unwanted parties.

Panda EPOS Website Management Cookies

Site management cookies are used to maintain your identity or session on our Panda EPOS site, so that you are not logged off unexpectedly, and any information you enter is retained when visiting different pages. These cookies cannot be turned off individually, but you can disable all cookies in your browser (see below notes).

Personalisation Individualisation Cookies

Personalisation cookies are used to recognise returning or repeat visitors to our site. We use these cookies to register your previous browsing history, the pages you have visited, and your settings and preferences each and every time when you visit our site.

Analytics Data Cookies

Analytics data cookies monitor how visitors reached our site, and how users interact with and (heat map) move around once on our site. These cookies let us know what features on our site are working the best and what features on our site can be improved for a better experience.

Panda EPOS Cookies

Our Panda EPOS cookies are “first-party cookies” and can be either permanent, momentary or temporary. These are important necessary cookies, without which our site won’t work properly or be able to provide certain (important to visitors) features and functionalities. Some of these may be manually disabled in your browser but if disabled may affect the functionality of our site.

Third-Party Cookies

Third-party cookies may be placed on your computer when you visit our site by partner companies that run certain services we offer (examples are our shopping cart and online chat services). These cookies allow our third party partner service providers to gather and track certain information about you. These cookies can be manually, quickly and easily disabled in your browser by you at any time.


As a general rule browsers are set to accept cookies by default. You can however reject and/or remove/delete cookies via your browser settings (as below). Please be aware that such action could affect the availability, functionality and features of our Panda EPOS site.

For more information on how to control Panda EPOS cookies, check your browser or device’s settings for how you can control and/or reject these cookies, or by visiting one of the following links which relate to your device:
Google Chrome
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Additionally, you may opt-out of selected and/or all third-party cookies via the Network Advertising Initiative’s Opt-Out Tool by opening this link


In addition to cookies, we may use pixel tags, web beacons and other tracking technologies on our site to help customise our site and improve your visitor experience. A “pixel tag” or “web beacon” is tiny image or object in this example embedded in a Panda EPOS web page. They are used to monitor the number of users who visited particular Panda EPOS pages and/or to acquire other statistical data. These web beacons collect only a limited set of data, such as a cookie identifier number, date and time of page or email view, and a description of the page or email on which they reside. Web beacons and/or pixel tags cannot be declined. However, you can chose to significantly limit the use of such tools by controlling the cookies that interact with pixel tags or web beacons.


To obtain information about how Panda EPOS use information collected by our cookies and other tracking technologies, please refer to the Panda EPOS Privacy Policy posted on our website (Our site). The Panda EPOS Cookie Policy is to be considered alongside and in conjunction to our Privacy Policy. By using our Panda EPOS site, you agree to be bound by this Panda EPOS Cookie Policy and our Panda EPOS Privacy Policy.


Any questions or comments about the Panda EPOS Cookie Policy, you can engage with us by writing to us at:

Data Controller
Panda EPOS Limited
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Tel: 00 44 (0) 1452 332211

Important note to any communications

Please clearly state who you are and provide verifiable contact details and information. Unless we have your full contact details we can’t be expected to respond or reply or deem your communication to be of a genuine nature and/or purpose. Panda EPOS therefore reserves the right to not respond. If you are genuine, please ensure you provide full and complete information and contact details, including a follow-up communication after 10 working days.
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