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EasyTip partners with Panda Epos

London, 25 th January 2023 - EasyTip, the UK’s leading online service for collecting tips in the hospitality industry, is pleased to announce a new partnership with Panda Epos that brings its tipping technology to hospitality venues up and down the UK.

Enabling fairer and more transparent tip distributions is more important than ever, to not only to support staff, but also make processes more efficient to save time and money. In order to succeed in the current challenging conditions for hospitality firms, technological innovation is key.

Restaurants and hotels using Panda Epos software can now effortlessly add an EasyTip QR code to any customer receipt to bring cashless tipping to the fingertips of customers. Without the hassle of downloading an app, the tailored webpage makes calculating their preferred tip percentage easy, makes the tipping process personal. In just a few seconds, they can select the amount to tip, as well as rate staff and submit feedback.

As a result of the partnership, EasyTip is built into all Panda Epos systems. Existing Panda customers simply need to register with EasyTip to activate the service. EasyTip is free to join for businesses and can be tailored to fit the needs of any hospitality venue.

EasyTip’s direct tipping helps restaurant managers significantly reduce admin time, gain a better understanding of staff performance, and stay compliant with latest regulations. The platform provides full transparency of tips received, boosts staff income, and accelerates tip distributions.

Since launching the platform in June 2021, venues using EasyTip have seen up to 30% increase in tips and 300% increase in customer reviews. The EasyTip platform has also enabled businesses to save hundreds of pounds in monthly costs spent on administrating tips.

With House of Commons recent approval of the Allocation of Tips bill, EasyTip’s tipping technology helps businesses implement a fully compliant and transparent tipping system while at the same time deliver substantial administrative and processing cost savings.

“We are pleased to expand our POS partnerships by welcoming Panda’s integration and enable direct tipping to many new hospitality venues. EasyTip’s platform is a perfect fit for businesses wanting to improve their customer experience, reduce operating costs and empower their employees to earn more. A partnership with Panda is another step in transforming the old fashioned and opaque tipping practices and helping businesses establish a fairer system for their employees” said Evgeniy Chuikov, CEO and co-founder of EasyTip.

“Tipping for great customer service used to be a case of cash on the table. However, as the world moves ever closer to cashless society there needs to be another way to reward recognition with ease. We are delighted to partner with EasyTip who provide a fully integrated solution with Panda EPOS enabling fast cashless and contactless tips to be gifted with the comfort of knowing reward will go to where it’s intended. The service also complies with all relevant existing and future legislation, greatly reducing administration from hospitality management” said Rory Atkins, CEO of Panda EPOS.

About EasyTip:

Launched in 2021 in the United Kingdom, EasyTip is a leading online platform for collecting tips and ratings in the hospitality industry. The mission of the company is to make the world of gratuities fairer, simpler, and quicker.

EasyTip's contactless tipping technology helps business owners and staff in the hospitality industry to earn more. Customers can tip employees directly from their mobile phones in just seconds by simply scanning a QR code without needing any App.

EasyTip is the perfect solution for business owners, as it reduces administrative costs, provides instant customer feedback, and improves employee performance and retention. Moreover, with the rise of cashless tipping, EasyTip is an excellent way for staff to control and increase their earnings in a fairer, personalised and transparent way.

For more information, visit EasyTip here or sign up to our platform here.

About Panda:

Panda EPOS has developed in-house a leading innovative suite of fully integrated Point of Sale (POS) solutions for the Hospitality sector, using tested proven hardware and partners with a number of market leaders for fully integrated payments (over all platforms and well known ordering apps), including tipping.

The Panda EPOS dual language POS suite includes integrated Mobile, Web Ordering Apps and Kiosks including Driver Apps for effective deliveries are amongst just some of the solutions and services available.

For more information, visit Panda EPOS here.

Contact Information:

Rory Atkins
+44 1452 332211 ext 302