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EPOS means Electronic Point of Sale and is a system to help automate sales, pricing, offers, stock, reordering, avoid errors, provide management data and many more features. It normally incorporates a till/cash drawer, printer, screen terminal and importantly software to manage everything for your business sector.
To help you manage everything in your business and work smarter therefore make more profit.
We do this for you. All we need is key information such as your menu of products and services, business logo and contact details etc. We set everything up and you approve it before going live.
This clearly depends on what you have and options added. However, an EPOS system starts from a few hundred pounds, plus cost of ongoing service and support. The important thing to remember is EPOS is a self funding investment, not cost/overhead. A good EPOS solution, system and supplier will make you more effective and profitable therefore the true cost should be nil as you make more money and enjoy more success.
In the simplest of terms it brings every aspect of your business together making it run smoother, helping staff, management and sales, plus provides important management information. It does all of this electronically using specific software adapted to your business sector then linked to hardware and other online features enabling customers to engage with your business and importantly enjoy that engagement.
The best accounting and epos software is that which is easy to use, helps your business to grow and saves time then above all self funding, in other words doesn’t cost money but sales and makes money for you.
Point of Sale - typically refers to software only
Electronic Point of Sale - typically refers to the hardware and software bundled solution package combined together working as one system.
It helps manage and integrate every aspect of your business using the power of software specifically adapted to suit your business sector and requirements.
Using software adapted to suit your specific business sector the POS system will bring everything together in one solution which is easy to use and helps to grow your business and have many features which isn't available without POS.
In the same way you don't go on a training course to use a modern smart phone, a good POS system should be easy to use, intuitive and give you more time. So you use a POS system front of house then manage the POS (business) from anywhere using the great management tools available.
Retail POS and EPOS are very different to Hospitality, so 1st you need to find a supplier who offers a specific retail solution and ideally a version which is specific to your sector.
Put simply the best system is a solution which meets the needs of your sector and tailored to the specifics of your sector.
Integration means your customers get what you’ve promised and offered, therefore when they go to redeem their entitled loyalty benefits is easy and seamless.
Use it to manage your business, let you know where you are and what is selling and what's not. These are just a few of the vast features available. Take a look at our retail POS features matrix.
Put simply if you want to survive in todays world you need a good EPOS solution from a good supplier. If you don't invest, you'll suffer and eventually faulter.
POS brings everything together into a manageable easy to use system that helps you grow and survive. The list is endless. Take a look at our feature and benefits matrix (FAB's).
Less than you think and in fact they save you more than they cost. So a good solution from a capable supplier will make you money not cost you money!
They are applications allowing your customers to seamlessly engage and do business with you in a flexible helpful way.
These are downloadable apps branded to your business, which customers can quickly open and place orders.
These are apps which run on a web browser and allow customers to place orders with your business 'online'.
Yes, if you were to integrate your epos system with sage we can.
Yes you can. Panda EPOS provides cloud-based software, and remote access solutions where you can see the back office stats and data such as sales, stock and even adjust promotional offers. Also, with the dashboard feature, you can get a reporting feature of the whole business on any tablet, smartphone or computer within minutes.
Yes, we can provide you android and IOS mobile apps.
We provide our own integrated e-commerce website for you to use, but if you already have an e-commerce website we can integrate that with our system as well for your business.
EPOS systems can be purchased or rented (lease hired via monthly or quarterly payments), then tailored to meet the needs of your business.
Yes, Panda EPOS provides the following options:
  • Remote installation
  • On-site installation (UK Only)
  • Engineer remote or on-site (UK Only) Service
Yes, customer loyalty can be activated, with number of features included.
You can connect almost unlimited number of POS Terminals (Tills) to one central back office solution.

Panda EPOS provides three types of packages.

  • Rental Packages – via quarterly or monthly rental payments
  • Out-right purchase Packages
  • Pay as you so 'software As A service'(SaaS) package excluding hardware

Please check our solutions or systems section of our website for further details. All costs and charges are subject to VAT.

Yes it should. We supply to restaurants, bars, pubs, cafes, takeaways and many quick services. We have lot of experience and customer base in hospitality sector. Please check our solutions page for more details about the features our software offers or give us a call.
Panda EPOS has extensive knowledge of all the sectors we cover and know how to implement and customise a system for every customer, which helps any staff member (without extensive experience and qualification) to upsell and add value to an order.
An EPOS system is used to make business more efficient and simplify the life of staff. Provided a right system is implemented it will not be complicated but make your and your staff life easier. Please check the case studies of Panda EPOS customers to learn more about how we have helped many customers to grow their business more efficiently.

Right information at right time is a very powerful tool for any business manager. Do you know:

  • If your staff up-selling/adding value to the customer’s experience of what your business can offer?
  • What are your best selling products and at what time of day or week?
  • How much non-moving stock do you have?
  • How much is your business spending on staff discounts?
  • How much you are loosing on stock shrinkage?
  • How much profit you are making?

All of the above information is vital for any business. If it is not available instantly in accurate format then you need a system, which can provide you all above. At Panda we not just deliver boxes, we provide a solution to our customer which help to increase revenue, efficiency and decrease costs. Check our ROI tool and see how much our solution can save you or talk to us to discuss further how Panda EPOS can help your business to increase your efficiency, to make more profit with happy and returning loyal customers.

Yes, the main purpose of this investment is to get more detailed and accurate information about your sale, purchase, and profit instantly, so you could make right decisions at the right time plus plan better. At Panda EPOS we have extensive range of reports to achieve this.

An EPOS system delivers considerable business benefits and provides many of the essential tools and information to make informed business decisions and grow your business. Below are some main benefits you can get with right EPOS solution.

  • Improved staff and business efficiency
  • Faster and accurate transactions
  • Improved stock control
  • Improved customer loyalty and retention
  • Prevent fraud, hidden costs and pricing errors
  • Better cash control
  • Instant accurate reports to support business decision and drive the business forward.

A typical EPOS System consists of

  • Computer, Input device for data entry such as a touch screen
  • Software applications
  • Customer display
  • Chip and Pin credit/debit card reader
  • Cash Drawer
  • Receipt printer
  • Scanner or handheld terminal
  • Internet access

Ideally your business would look to a single quality capable supplier to provide the above components as an integrated system, to meet the needs of your business sector, such as fast food, services or hospitality and many others.

Panda EPOS provides a huge range of hardware to suit our customers needs (Please check hardware section of our website) or any Windows based system (Windows XP,7, 8, 10).
EPOS stands for ‘Electronic Point of Sale’ An EPOS system is a combination of hardware and software components which when combined gives your business an ‘EPOS system’ The EPOS system is designed to process and record the sale of goods and services for your business, with additional features to meet new customer demands and trends for your business to be effective, lead others (the competition) and grow.
  • See this link
  • Panda EPOS is an FCA accredited firm under number 760936
As an alternative to outright purchase, where you have to pay in full up-front to own the EPOS solution, you can (subject to credit terms and acceptance) spread the costs via a monthly direct debit payment typically for 3 years. By this method you don’t own the EPOS, your hiring it. There can be other benefits of Lease Hire, as you can offset the total costs against the profits of your business on your P&L (profit and loss account), whereas with outright purchase the EPOS system would sit on your balance sheet, only allowing you to write down by the current HMRC depreciation rules applicable at that time. For more information, please get advice from your accountant. The other benefit of Lease Hiring for say 3 years, is at the end you could upgrade your EPOS system to the latest version available at that time, which is easier to do if you are Lease Hiring, because you send back the old system for a new one.
  • This is when a customer purchases their EPOS system and pays in full up front to own the system as an asset of their business.
  • If you own the EPOS system you can then operate the hardware and software for as long as the solution is operational and functioning.
  • Potentially, you could change the software you use on your hardware.
  • The tax treatment for Purchase is different to Lease Hire. We recommend you seek advice from your accountant as to which method is best suited to your business for tax including credit position.
  • See this link
  • Panda EPOS is an FCA accredited firm under number 760936
You can order complete system, which we will pre-configure/customise for you as per your requirements. You can simply plug-and-play our system. Or download our software and we can provide remote installation for you on your existing hardware.
English, Arabic, Urdu, Chinese More to come…. please enquire and advise us of your needs

We have two types of support packages.

  • Premium Support (09:00-17:00 Mon-Fri)
  • Premium Plus Support (24/7)

We are also able to provide multilingual support (e.g. English, Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi, Romanian and Spanish)

Today’s competitive business environment demands not only top-notch customer service but also strategic planning which requires the analysis of data in minute detail. Any business which relies on face-to-face transactions for all or part of its revenue must strive towards making those transactions as efficient as possible and collect as much information about the transaction/customer as possible in order to inform business decision making. An EPOS system not only makes the process of transacting business as convenient as possible for the staff and the customer but also has the added advantage of collecting and reporting detailed information on sales, customers, purchase and profit activity.
Lease rental can be very tax efficient, as it is 100% tax allowable against the profits of your business, plus you spread the cost of your investment, which can help with cash flow.
An EPOS system is used to improve the overall efficiency of a business. If the right system is used then it can recover its cost within few months. Please check our ROI tool to see how much an EPOS system could save you.
Yes it would. We cater for fast food takeaway, café, restaurants, pubs, fashion, pharmacy, convenience, giftware, dry cleaners, beauty salons, wholesales and many more…