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Why buy a fully integrated EPOS and online/mobile customer ordering system?

There are a few advantages to purchasing in a fully integrated point of sale (POS) and online/mobile customer ordering system. Here are a few causes of why it can be advantageous:

  • Streamlined Operations:
    An integrated system combines your in-store and online/mobile ordering processes into a single platform. This streamlines operation by excluding the need for separate systems and manual data entry. It guarantees that all orders, whether placed in-store or online, are seamlessly integrated and managed in a single location.
  • Increased Efficiency:
    By utilising an integrated system, you can effectively manage inventory, update pricing, and sales tracking over all channels. Changes made in the system automatically reflect in real-time across both your in-store POS and online/mobile ordering platforms. This saves time, reduces errors, and allows for better inventory management and accurate sales reporting.
  • Improved Customer Experience:
    Offering an effortless and consistent experience across all channels is critical for customer satisfaction. An integrated system permits customers to place orders through multiple channels (in-store, online, or via mobile) without any resistance. It also allows for features like personalized promotions, loyalty programs, and order history tracking, improving the overall customer experience.
  • Centralized Data and Reporting:
    By using a fully integrated system, you have access to centralized data from all your sales channels. This comprehensive view of your business permits you to get valuable insights into customer choices, sales trends, and overall performance. With strong reporting capabilities, you can make data-oriented decisions, optimize your operations, and identify areas for improvement.
  • Scalability and Future Growth:
    Investing in a fully integrated POS and online/mobile ordering system sets you up for future growth. As your business expands, adding new locations or incorporating additional sales channels becomes more manageable. An integrated system provides scalability and flexibility, allowing you to easily modify to changing business necessities.
  • Cost savings:
    Although the preliminary investment may be higher compared to separate systems, a fully integrated solution can lead to long-term cost savings. You remove the expenses connected to maintaining and integrating multiple systems, reduce manual errors, and increase productivity, which can result in increased revenue and reduced operational costs over time.

It's important to consider your specific business necessities, budget, and long-term goals when deciding whether to invest in a fully integrated POS and online/mobile customer ordering system. Analysing different solutions, and considering their characteristics, compatibility with your existing framework, and customer support options will help you make a well-informed decision.